Chocolate Therapy

Wrap your body with a cocoa combination that cares for the silhouette and eliminates stress. Mixed with a delicious exfoliation of chocolate particles and a subtle body hydration that leaves your skin soft and renewed.

Chocolate Exfoliation

This ritual divinely reaches the cosmetic and emotional pleasure. Causes an incredibly sweet scent and appearance on your skin, allow the special particles of chocolate and their unique scents leave your skin soft and fresh.

Marine Exfoliation

Revitalizing, invigorating and exfoliating, purifies the surface of the skin. Its marine ingredients and vitamins C and E exfoliate dead cells, stimulate circulation and leave your skin with a healthy glow.

Tcherassi Jewlery Ritual

The perfect combination of Renovation and Relaxation. Wrap yourself around with the sumptuous textures of precious stones and minerals which with a relaxing manual massage will lead you to live an exquisite experience, luxurious and full of shine.

Thai Ritual

An incredible combination of the finest and luxurious spices applied and massaged in your body with the help of innovative elements that will make this massage something unique that is worth repeating again.